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1.Amphenol RF India offers entire range of Times Microwave LMR Products 2. Amphenol RF India offers Times Microwave Miltech range of Microwave Military cable assembly 3.ARFI offers the entire range of SV Microwave connectors & Components

Amphenol ConneXus India

In view of the increasing demand in the Indian Telecom sector and to gear up for the increasing customer demand , Amphenol has set up a new facility in Chennai in line with their corporate vision to leverage on the years of expertise. It comprises of Amphenol ConneXus (Power, Data and signal cable assembly) Amphenol ConneXus serves the customers within the following Markets

  Wireless Infrastructure

  Internet / Data Communication

  Industrial Markets including Medical industry

  Competitive for all Power, Data & Signal cable assemblies

  Especially for labour intensive cable assemblies.A large Pool of High Quality Engineering Team   we have for Product Development

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